Saturday, March 13, 2010


Special Miles Brothers Corp haikuage:
Johnnny MB©!
Happy 20,000 Days!

I Love You, SMiles Brothers Corp :)


Johnnny said...

CogStar: Thank you for the 20,000 days old greeting. I don't feel a day over 19,000! That picture brings back a whole chunk of memories. It's always nice to see a good picture of Mom and Dad.

COGSTAR said...

Thank you for your thankage. You don't feel a day over 19,000...and you don't look a day over 19,500!

I have no memories of that picture, but I do think it's mildly amazing that Ahz & Cog look exactly the same today as we did in July of 1974age.

Q: Could Mom look any more happy and beautiful in this photo? A: No.

Q: Is Scotty now in major MB© shopping mode for a white belt like the one he's wearing in this photo? A: Yes.

SMiles :)
MB©SO -- Miles Brothers Corp Security Officer