Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sky High

Space isn't remote at all.
It's only an hour's drive away
if your car could go straight upwards.
--Fred Hoyle

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coach Vikings

After the Vikings lost to the New Orleans Saints by a score of 14-9 during their season opener, the Miles Brothers Corp had a chance to ask Coach Childress a few questions:

MBC: What was your strategery going into the game?

Coach: Our plan was taken from one of my favorite American thinkers, Stephen Wright: The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up.

MBC: What did you tell the team at half time?

Coach: "I thought we hung in there in the first half and told the guys at halftime it was just about if you had to draw it up you would hold the ball for 17-minutes in the first half."**

MBC: Were there any major problems during the game that you're going to work on?

Coach: I was having some trouble with my headphones, trying to get them to fit my head properly, which really caused some problems during the game.

MBC: Do you think you will be going to the Super Bowl this year?

Coach: My wife is trying to get us tickets, but if we don't get any, we'll probably just watch the game in our basement.

** After the game, all of the Vikings players admitted that none of them understood anything that Coach Brad Childress was saying to them during half time. {read actual interview}

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best of the Worst

Why is President Obama's general approval of 42% lower than the 45% who strongly disapprove? It's probably a combination of numerous reasons, all of which are getting stronger. It seems the more the economy struggles, the more Barry goes on vacation to golf. Perhaps people are getting tired of being ridiculed for simply questioning why all his personal records have been locked down. If you don't have anything to hide, why all the secrecy about your life's path to the Whitehouse? Perhaps a generally conservative nation is tired of a liberal administration trying to ram through an ultra-liberal agenda, and it always must be done as quickly as possible. Perhaps it comes down to a simple matter of trust and respect.