Sunday, March 27, 2011

Norwegian Proverbs

Top Ten Norwegian Proverbs:

  • 10: Do not sell the hide until you have shot the bear.

  • 9: A small grass tuft can topple a big cart load.

  • 8: Carve your good words in stone, the bad in snow.

  • 7: Behind the clouds, the sky is always blue.

  • 6: No one can help someone who will not help themselves.

  • 5: There is hope as long as your fishing line is in the water.

  • 4: Do not report the weather while standing in a garage.

  • 3: An empty head gets the easiest sleep.

  • 2: No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

  • 1: More cooks make a bigger mess.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saving Daylight Time

If you walked into church an hour late this morning, it's probably because you forgot to change your clocks to Daylight Saving Time. This much used and often debated practice moves one sunlit hour from mornings to evenings. It supposedly does not affect plants and the non-human members of the animal kingdom. Curiously, it also does not affect Hawaii and Arizona. Apparently the country of Iceland liked it so much, they switched to Daylight Saving Time for the entire year. Whatever the original intent was, the main thing Daylight Saving Time creates is: Confusion. If one hour is good, why not "spring forward" two hours? Why even have clocks anymore? Hasn't time become obsolete? Maybe our governments should also round the value of Pi down to 3.000 so it's easier to work with. While they're at it, government should set a lower speed limit for the speed of light.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unique Flake

We all know that no two snowflakes are identical. It is almost certain that no two presidents are the same. One could easily argue that no two blog posts are twins. So, when all three of these parameters come together into one creation (see snowflake above), it is truly a unique experience.