Friday, November 27, 2009

Next Generation

This third in a series of Ping Pong posts focuses on the importance of passing on family traditions to the next generation(s). It is widely known that Table Tennis (or Ping Pong in Chinese) is the main sport of the Miles Brothers Corp. A probable distantly-related Dick Miles was some sort of national champ. Our Dad, Dr. James Miles, was the Miles Brothers Corp's patriarch who successfully passed Ping Pong onto future generations of champions.

Dr. Miles passed Ping Pong onto his three sons. Jimmy passed Ping Pong onto his three sons. In the above picture, Reagan is properly being trained by Uncle Scotty in art of Ping Pong. Reagan, along with the other younger members of the MBC, will undoubtedly continue passing all of the Miles Brothers Corp traditions onto future generations of MBC champions.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nice Sign

Is North Dakota the only state where we have signs like this? Is this why North Dakota folks are so darn friendly?

There are NEWMAN signs on the interstate highways telling us to "Smile" and "Be Grateful". It's actually a nice change from always being sold something or trying to get us to take a certain exit to stop at a particular place. On this Thanksgiving Day (and everyday in ND), it never hurts to be reminded to "Be Kind" to those around you, to "Smile" to brighten up the day, and "Be Grateful" for all the good we have, and all the bad we don't have.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Next Exit

On our way back to Fargo from Bismarck today, we noticed this road sign (on the left side of the highway):

We were wondering if BBQs are served every day at 2PM? Would "they" still be serving at 5PM? Is it worth it to drive one mile North and then two miles East in order to find out? Is this somebody's kitchen we're talking about here? Would there be an extra beer in the fridge?

Memory Lane

Driving back from Bismarck to Fargo this weekend, we stopped in Jamestown, ND. Considering it was November 21st in North Dakota, the weather was quite lovely. There were just two places I wanted to stop to snap a couple quick photos. The first was the first house I lived at in Jamestown: 722 6th Ave SE. From age 2 through 5th grade, this was home. Back then, there were two giant evergreens in front, to the right of the door. I remember one Saturday morning when Jimmy and I woke up to watch cartoons, and discovered that our home was covered in snow up to the roof, from a very potent blizzard.

Then, going into 6th grade, we moved to our new house up on High Acres. This will forever be known as: 212 Hillcrest Drive. This was where Brother Scott first got brought home to, after being delivered by the stork. Dad planted numerous trees at our new place. Dr. Miles especially liked apple trees. Mom loved our new home on the hill. She thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

Jamestown was a great place to grow up.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today at high noon, we got our new dryer.

The Bosch Nexxt. 500 Series. Model #WTMC3321US.

It is DuoTronic. It comes standard with WrinkleBlock.

There's a Stainless Steel Drum. It is known for its Quiet Performance.

For Better or Worser, For Wetter or Dryer. We're back in business.

We can do laundry again. Happy National Laundry Day 2009er.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Dryer

This weekend our dryer died. After 22 years of faithful service, the old Maytag kicked the bucket. It sounded like a kicked bucket, too. We drove off to buy a new dryer, but what to do with our wet washer load? We turned our downstairs bonus room into a giant drying rack.

Our new Bosch dryer will be delivered on Thursday.

Fly Bys

Both of these Vs
flew over our trees
photo memories

Friday, November 13, 2009

Haiku Friday

Friday the thirteenth
Doesn't seem so unlucky
But pay attention.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hawaiian Islands

Do you ever forget the names and locations of all the different Hawaiian Islands? I used to have this problem until I found this map. Now, I just have to learn how to properly pronounce them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yes We Can

November Caption Contest

Post a comment with your caption ideas for this picture.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is a Golden Post. Everything about it is Gold.

The atomic number of Gold is 79. If Gold had one less proton in its atom's nucleus, it would be Platinum. One more, it would be Mercury. For some reason, 79 protons in the nucleus makes it Gold.

As of yesterday, the value of Gold was a record $1,085 per ounce. That's partly the reason for this Gold Post. The other is how beautiful the Color of Gold is. Gold also find itself in many idioms. Here is a list of some of them:

Go for the Gold.
Golden Opportunity.
Good as Gold.
Goose that lays the Golden Egg.

Heart of Gold.
Pot of Gold.
Silence is Golden.
Sitting on a Gold Mine.
Streets are paved with Gold.
Strike Gold.
The Golden Rule.
Worth its weight in Gold.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ping Ponging

Schools should start offering another sport: Ping Pong.

Along with all the other sports offered, all middle and upper schools should add Table Tennis for girls and boys, together. Each team would have three singles and two doubles teams. Each match would be two-out-of-three games, with one point awarded for each game won.

Unlike most of the other school sports which are quite injury-prone, being on a Table Tennis Team would provide high levels of competition with little chance of injury. Equipment costs are minimal. State champion teams could go on to national tournaments. Our top national teams could then go on to compete with the Chinese.