Monday, March 16, 2009

Yes We Kenya

Ideas, Thoughts, and Observations:

The letters in "PRESIDENT OBAMA"
can all be re-arranged to spell:
Why not pass a law, only allowing the stock market to go up? Why not raise the minimum wage to $30/hour? Why not end term limits for a president? Why not replace Big Business with Big Government? Why not? In Obama We Trust? Why not? Just show us your valid birth certificate. Why not?


Reagan James' Dad said...

Why doesn't H have the federal government bailout everyone...and then have the federal government bailout the federal government? Maybe instead of email accounts everyone should have an ebail account?

Johnnny said...

Since the solution to all of our Democrat-created problems is to simply print more money to throw at the problems, after we bail out everyone illegally in our country, then bail out the non-rich legals, then bail out Kenya, followed by the rest of the world. Maybe H could take over for Leno. He could be the first sitting president to host an entertainment show and do it by reading everything off a teleprompter, while also being an ESPN teleprompted commentator for the basketball tournaments.

sharon said...

Here Barry you sit in the big chair while the camera guy is snapping pics. When he leaves I'll take the chair back and continue to run the country.

You know - if this country wasn't so racist against jewish people with a cut off finger I would let people know I'm really in charge. says Rahm E.