Tuesday, March 3, 2009

H B 2 U

Birthday Wishes from Us to the MB© VP & CO.

SMiles: On behalf of U2 & The World, we toast 2 your tireless work U do as MB© CO (community organizer) 2 help save the planet from CO (carbon monoxide). --Bono

CogStar: Every family needs at least 1 Star. In your case, there are multiple. Shine on & shine forever.
--The Edge

Hey Dutch. Happy 42nd! Now you're twice the drinking age in America (and 3x the drinking age in Dublin). As MB© Historian, U know it was me that posted the "Musicians Wanted" ad that got this whole thing started. I hear U played some drums back in skool. Cool. --Larry Mullen

S4: We hope U like the sound of all the tracks on our new CD (expecially the bass). The release date of March 3rd, along with five straight nights on Letterman, is no coincidence. H B 2 U! --Adam

As the MB© TA (Travel Agent), we encourage U2 keep on keepin' on, just as U did when U had 2 leave 1 of our concerts just before it started. All's well that ends well.

Now, you can think of "No Line On The Horizon" every time you look out your West windows.

Happy Birthday 2U!

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Kit said...

Happy Birthday Scotty! 42! Good job! Hope you have a great day and a big Purple Party! We love you!