Saturday, January 2, 2010


It might have been a dream, but we once possibly spent a Christmas on Maui. Bad News: It seems like a faint fantasy. Good News: We have some evidentiary photos. Bad News: The details are a bit sketchy. My dream starts out walking down a random Maui street going to do some last minute Christmas shopping for Maui Christmas 2008.

Along the beach is encountered a young gentleman holding exactly what was sought: An Aerobie! The perfect gift for anyone, expecially me. Negotiations ensued between myself and the young, well-spoken gentleman, who called himself Mr. Reagan.

After underwriting a sure win-win scenario, the two of us, along with our corporate attorney, decided to join the group for some Caring & Sharing. This quickly gave way to the obligatory Aerobie Toss Competitions.

Uncle Scotty was both judge and jury when it came to intergame shinanigans. Scotty can verbal judo with the best of them. Mylah always said Super Uncle Scotty was the best athlete in the family.

Heated conversation and sand eventuated in the ceremonial Cool Foot Bath for President Reagan. Conservative elephants are perfect for the job.

As the afternoon plays out, Happy Hour looms on the horizon. The Miles Brothers Corp relaxes into committee meetings and readings of minutes. New jokes are told and old stories are exaggerated.

The Miles Brothers Corp winds up another successful Dream Conference. From Wales to Maui, the Miles Family traditions get passed on to the torch bearers for the next generations.

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