Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrap It Up

With four days until Christmas Eve (and just three days to Festivus), you'all probably have all your shopping done, cookies made, trees decorated, snowflakes hung up, and cards sent out. If you want an easy, last minute idea, to transform any room into major Christmasland, wrap your hanging framed pictures!

Of course, the back sides don't need to be wrapped like an actual present, but it certainly changes the feel of any room quickly! We first saw this idea at a hotel in Minneapolis. The other nice thing is it covers up pictures that might not be on board with the Christmas holiday theme. The paper can be reused to wrap "future presents" (an unplanned oxymoron).


themagiconions said...

Oh Gosh!!! That is SO cute!!! Thanks for the idea... could I link to this?
Blessings and magic.

Johnnny said...

Magic Onions: Yes, please do and thanks for the comment. I love your blog.

Beth said...

Leave it to you and Kit to be SOOO creative - great idea.

Hope you and your wonderful wife have a nice Christmas ...


Kit said...

My favorite thing about this trick is that it's such a double get rid of the art that isn't particularly Christmasy aaaaaaannnnndddd you get wrapped presents in their place! Easy & affordable too. It really does make things festive.
Happy New Year!