Friday, November 27, 2009

Next Generation

This third in a series of Ping Pong posts focuses on the importance of passing on family traditions to the next generation(s). It is widely known that Table Tennis (or Ping Pong in Chinese) is the main sport of the Miles Brothers Corp. A probable distantly-related Dick Miles was some sort of national champ. Our Dad, Dr. James Miles, was the Miles Brothers Corp's patriarch who successfully passed Ping Pong onto future generations of champions.

Dr. Miles passed Ping Pong onto his three sons. Jimmy passed Ping Pong onto his three sons. In the above picture, Reagan is properly being trained by Uncle Scotty in art of Ping Pong. Reagan, along with the other younger members of the MBC, will undoubtedly continue passing all of the Miles Brothers Corp traditions onto future generations of MBC champions.

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