Saturday, November 21, 2009

Memory Lane

Driving back from Bismarck to Fargo this weekend, we stopped in Jamestown, ND. Considering it was November 21st in North Dakota, the weather was quite lovely. There were just two places I wanted to stop to snap a couple quick photos. The first was the first house I lived at in Jamestown: 722 6th Ave SE. From age 2 through 5th grade, this was home. Back then, there were two giant evergreens in front, to the right of the door. I remember one Saturday morning when Jimmy and I woke up to watch cartoons, and discovered that our home was covered in snow up to the roof, from a very potent blizzard.

Then, going into 6th grade, we moved to our new house up on High Acres. This will forever be known as: 212 Hillcrest Drive. This was where Brother Scott first got brought home to, after being delivered by the stork. Dad planted numerous trees at our new place. Dr. Miles especially liked apple trees. Mom loved our new home on the hill. She thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

Jamestown was a great place to grow up.


COGSTAR said...

Hey Johnnny! I liked your Jamestown pictures. I don't remember ever seeing pictures of the two houses you guys grew up in before 2404. Good job!

COGSTAR said...

I'm sure you figured it out...but that previous comment was left by BrenStar. :)

Johnnny said...

After I posted these two pictures, I noticed that both had an American Flag in them. Is it still OK to say American Flag these days, or is that now too politically uncorrect?