Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Miles Brothers Corp likes to take special note of big, round-number birthdays. Well, how is 22,000 days old, for a nice, big, round number? Congratulations, Jimmy, on reaching another Major Milestone on Friday, September 25th.

Perhaps, we might best on-goingly celebrate this occasion by writing a series of Haikus!

In the comments section below, please leave a quick, spontaneous haiku, if the spirit moves you. 5-7-5 would be nice, but we always promote creativity.

Give it a shot, what'cha got, maybe a lot!

Jimmy: Tatanka To You!
Happy 22,000 days old!
You don't look a day over 21,000 :o)


Johnnny said...

tatanka to you
happy twenty two thousand
look like twenty one

COGSTAR said...

25,000 days
on 12-12-17
which is a Tuesday

Reagan James' Dadage
PMS--My Jimmyku is least I got the total number of syllables (17) correct.

Sam said...

22,000 days is something special, and not something everyone can say they have accomplished!!!! Congrats on that. I'm honored to have been around for 10,124 of those (if you read this on Friday).
Big Tatanka and grande bano to you!!!!!!

Sam said...

I almost forgot, nice job on posting pictures. You make your brothers look great!!!!:)

Johnnny said...

today is the day
another big milestone
way to age jimmy

Johnnny said...

This be my haiku.
Don't be too blue in your life.
Positive focus.