Monday, July 4, 2011

Most Inane

The Word of the Week is: inane, meaning very stupid. Our Phrase of the Week is: most inane, meaning extremely stupid. All of the letters in "Most Inane" can be rearranged to spell "Minnesota". For the entire state of Minnesota to close all of its state parks just before the 4th of July weekend is: most inane. For all the wayside rests in Minnesota to be closed on such a heavily travelled weekend: most inane.


Johnnny said...

At least, this Minnisoda Govt Shutdown is a good way of determining what is essential government and what is non-essential. Down with non-essential government!

Bianchii said...

Really nice blog, interesting posts !
It would be nice if you'll visit my blog sometimes :)

Have a nice day :)

Johnnny said...

Hello, Bianchii. How is life in Poland? It sounds like you like to sing. On your blog question, I voted for New York. Thanks, Johnnny