Monday, June 20, 2011

Bonfire Maintenance

What is the best way to stoke a fire? If you want to keep a fire going or even build it up, would you throw gasoline on it, sprinkle it with water, or stack a few big logs at its base? Gasoline is a quick fix and does not last long. Water dampens the fire and threatens its existence. A few well-placed dry logs will keep a fire going for future good times. Why then, does the Obama Administration keep trying to stoke the economy by dampening it with more and more taxes and regulations?


Hell(n)o said...

Because Big Business is like a raging fire, out of control with no oversight (e.g. banking fiasco). Supposing the fire is being dampenned to a level it can be better controlled, so as not to destroy the whole economy? No more logs (bail-outs) for those greedy fools, I say!

Johnnny said...

Unfortunately, nothing you typed makes any sense. Your logic will need to hold water before you can successfully lure to the dark side.