Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saving Daylight Time

If you walked into church an hour late this morning, it's probably because you forgot to change your clocks to Daylight Saving Time. This much used and often debated practice moves one sunlit hour from mornings to evenings. It supposedly does not affect plants and the non-human members of the animal kingdom. Curiously, it also does not affect Hawaii and Arizona. Apparently the country of Iceland liked it so much, they switched to Daylight Saving Time for the entire year. Whatever the original intent was, the main thing Daylight Saving Time creates is: Confusion. If one hour is good, why not "spring forward" two hours? Why even have clocks anymore? Hasn't time become obsolete? Maybe our governments should also round the value of Pi down to 3.000 so it's easier to work with. While they're at it, government should set a lower speed limit for the speed of light.

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