Thursday, November 11, 2010

Contrary Contrail

This was the sunset scene in southern California this last Monday. Does this look like the vapor trail of an airplane to you, or perhaps does it more resemble a high-altitude rocket launch?

It gives me no comfort to hear that the Department of Defense either doesn't know what it was, or is playing it off as the vapor contrail of an aircraft taking off. If "they" supposedly don't know what it was, then how do they know that "there was no threat to the U.S. homeland"? The possible explanations given by "Defense Experts" are quite amusing. After saying that it is clearly an airplane contrail, they explain that it is just an optical illusion, that only appears like it is going "up". Whereas in reality, the airplane vapor trail is actually level, and traveling toward the camera. How stupid do "they" think "we" are? Everyone (in reality) that saw it said that it looked like a rocket launch. What do you think?

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