Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dream Team

Monday Night Football on October 5, 2009 should be an interesting game when Brett Favre's Minnesota Vikings host the Green Bay Packers! They play again in Green Bay on Sunday, November 1, at high noon!


Kit said...

Wow, this is gonna be CRAZY! It could end up being our Favreite year of football ever! I wonder who the last player was to wear #4 for the Vikes. Interestingest.

Johnnny said...

Ironically, there was another Minnesota Vikings quarterback who wore #4, who was also from Mississippi. He didn't have that great of a record, but two of his sons certainly do.

Beth said...

I read tonight that John David Booty had 4 before Favre gave him the er, boot!

I love it! Go Vikes.