Saturday, June 6, 2009


After the Obama Administration first fired the CEO of General Motors and then subsequently turned the company into "Government Motors", Obama has personally set some new goals to modernize the cars being created. There is apparently an effort to steer future cars to look more like the futuristic cars depicted in the ever-popular show "The Jetsons".
Your first choice from the new GM will be something along the lines of this:
Another model causing quite a buzz but which still is in testing, looks somewhat like this:

Get ready for cars from the future to be coming to one of the few dealerships still open to sell the new GM vehicles, as mandated by the Obamadministration. Just imagine being able to fly to the grocery store to buy government made bread with your government-rationed food stamps. The slogan Obama has applied to the new Government Motors future car project is YES WE CAN!

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