Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dizzy Spells

We drink coffee on a daily basis but since too much caffeine can cause dizziness and that nervous feeling our choice is the half-caff coffee because the brain is the most biochemically complex and metabolically active organ of the whole body and a large section of the brain called the cerebellum is mainly concerned with balance and coordination so it's not surprising that dizzy spells are a common symptom of too many coffee beans which leads us to what are dizzy spells and their causes?

After looking at these coffee beans, do you feel faint?
As if about to pass out? Any hint of cerebral dizziness?
This could be from low blood pressure, low blood sugar, or poor oxygen supply. Low blood pressure often causes faintness. If you suddenly stand up, expecially(*) if you have been lying down for some time, this could cause a dizzy spell. Low blood sugar could cause faintness or dizziness to occur and could be caused by missing a meal, or if you eat sweet things all the time, but now have missed a snack, or if you have exercised hard and burned up the sugar in the blood. Ear disease could cause dizziness since balance is sensed by the inner ear. Any disturbance of this may cause Vertigo: a symptom described as “the world going round”. Hyperventilation can certainly cause dizzy spells. In this case, there is often a feeling of being spaced out and “not with it”.
(*) expecially = extra especially

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