Thursday, September 18, 2008

MBChristmas on Maui 2008

The Miles Brothers Corp is excited to spend Christmas 2008 on Maui. The official dates are December 20 - 27, 2008.
A partial list of things to bring for this MBC Gala Event includes (but is not limited to): Hawaiian shirt, sunscreen, brimmed hat, sunglasses, Aerobie for the beach events, Heineken for our Corporate Board Meetings, swim suit (no Speedos), muzzles for Scotty and/or Johnnny, camera, and of course, a Christmas Tree.
The Winning Slogan for this upcoming MBC Event is: Don't Take Snow For An Answer! Runner-ups for Event Slogan were: 1. We may be straight, but we're not narrow. 2. Never eat more than you can lift. 3. We've upped our quality, so up yours!


Reagan James' Dad said...

As Dad would say, "Okolemaluna!" When you write about muzzles you actually mean bullhorns, right? Am I right or am I right? Yes or Yes? Stop it! I'm a cop you idiot! Thank you.

Reagan James' Dad
PMS: Reagan's new favorite phrase is "Huh? What? Oh yeah."

Reagan James' Dad said...

Please add to the packing list: lapel pins (for trading), balloons (for playing) and sardines (for eating). Mahalo!